Together we build your dream!

Régie Immosol SA has been working daily to meet the specific needs of each client for 15 years. Over the years, the company has perfected its skills in order to offer you a global service, adapted to each stage of your property's life. Thus, it covers all real estate activities: construction, land development, real estate appraisal, estimation and brokerage, rental management, PPE administration and financing.

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Based on our experience, we attach great importance to the ecological values of our projects and adapt our constructions to the specificities of the market and the local environment. We invest personally or in partnership.

"The added value of a professional broker is reflected in concrete figures. His intervention and expertise can increase the final sale price of your property by up to 17%." _Uspi (Source: OCSTAT figures 2013-2017) Test us!

Whether you are a municipality, an institution or a private individual, we will enhance your assets and guarantee you serenity and returns thanks to our experience in development expertise. We gladly look for local partners in order to guarantee you the best management. 

Our employees or partners put their know-how and experience at your service, relieving you - partially or completely - and optimising your investment, for a better profitability with a free mind.